Guided Meditations

Who Am I Meditation (Voice: Trey Carland, Crystal Bowls: Tammy Hendrix)

Interview with Dan Kelso

I had a wonderful conversation with Dan Kelso ( in February of 2019. We talked quite a bit about his 30 year journey of awakening and he shared many of the various practices he found helpful along the way. He also shared how the post awakened life has continued to unfold. Very good stuff.

Interview with Jeannie Zandi

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jeannie Zandi ( in January of 2017. She is a great spiritual teacher that I first met back in 2007. In fact, she was the first teacher I had the opportunity to sit with in satsang (I basically lost my satsang virginity to her ;). It was a very powerful and transformative experience which I wrote about in my post “Tears of Joy” ( 

Jeannie emanates heartfelt compassion and love, which she brings to the interview I did with her. It was actually like the two of us sitting together in satsang, rather than an interview. Instead of asking her a bunch of questions, I put forth some issues I have been grappling with recently (feelings of being overwhelmed, inadequate, etc.), and she dove in so we could explore those together. My guess is that many people could benefit from listening to our talk (January 2017).

Interview with Fred Davis

Fred Davis is a spiritual teacher out of Columbia, SC, who has written two books, "The Book of Undoing" and "Beyond Recovery."  You can also find him on the web at  In this interview, Fred talks about his near death struggle with addiction and the way he found through it all.  He now shares his method with others, the majority of whom have an awakening experience during their talk.  I hope you enjoy the first, and probably not the last, interview with Fred (April 2014).

Interview with Mary O'Malley
I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary, O'Malley, author and spiritual teacher. You can read more about our interview on my Blog, "Curiosity Killed the Ego."  I have included the audio version here and apologize in advance for the quality (July 2014).
Interview with Trey on Talk Story TV
I was invited to do an interview with Julia Widdop, host of recently. The video of that interview is available on You Tube.
Book Reading at Malaprop's Bookstore, Asheville, NC
My recent book reading/signing on January 13, 2012 at Malaprop's Bookstore in Asheville, NC.was a great success.  I was joined by Prajna Ana (author of Dying Into This), and Brian Piergrossi (author of The Wow of the Now).  The event was captured on video and is available on You Tube.
Essay published in new book, "The Journey Home" (August, 2012)
 "The Journey Home, at its core, is a collection of love letters from around the globe as we travel down the path of discovery. And what an amazing journey! Won’t you join us? Come home to yourself and discover Heaven on Earth." "This is the story of the road to nowhere, a journey of the heart. Like many facets of the same diamond, we are the collective ONE; each with a sacred story to share of our journey on this road called Life. Life is not who you are, but rather an experience pointing you back toward who you are." Purchase your copy via Pay Pal for $14.95
Other Interviews and Articles Book Review in Rapid River Magazine (September, 2012) Book Review in WNC Woman Magazine (June, 2012)   Radio Interview on Conversations with Avant-Garde Sages (May 1, 2012)     Interview with the Sylva Herald Newspaper (March 1, 2012) Article in WNC Woman Magazine "Stella's Life" (June, 2011)