Monday, May 21, 2018

What's New?

Trey's passion for sharing inner peace with the world and the power Mother Nature has to bring about deep peace has led to the creation of Zen Mountain Tours. Through providing custom tours of the mountains surrounding his home town of Asheville, NC, Trey introduces people to the natural wonders that attract millions of people to this area each year.

"If you visit Asheville without venturing into the woods, you haven't truly experienced Asheville to its fullest. Immersing yourself in Nature is one of the best medicines around. The inner peace that comes from taking in beautiful scenery has a long lasting affect on one's state of mind. My goal is to give everyone a taste of the peace we all crave." ~ Trey

Trey also has two more books in the making. One is a follow up to his first book, A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace: Notes to Self. The other will be a collection of Trey's insights from his previous writings. He is also working on some guided meditations designed to connect people with the peace that resides in each of us.

Trey has also been hosting Awakening Support Group meetings in Asheville since 2007. He is planning to host some workshops and retreats in the coming months, so please email him to be added to his email list.